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Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Monday: "Het Wilhelmus"

Het Wilhelmus [Wikipedia] [Youtube], the National Anthem of the Netherlands, is considered the oldest National Anthem in the World.

Het Wilhelmus is played only once at a ceremony and, if possible, it is to be the last piece of music played.  Interestingly, when receiving a foreign head of state or emissary, it is not allowed to be played if there is no member of the Dutch Royal House present, something virtually unique in the world as most countries play their own anthem and then play the anthem of the foreign relation.

True fans of Oranje will know the sound if not the words of Het Wilhelmus, and the feeling of the hair standing on the backs of their necks as the camera pans the stoic faces of the Dutch football team.  Now ranked fourth-best team in the world by FIFA, they are considered the world's best team never to have lifted a World Cup.  They remain ever though my favourite underachievers.

In their honour as they start their 2010 World Cup championship campaign on this very Music Monday with a match against Denmark, I offer Het Wilhelmus, the National Anthem of the Netherlands.

UPDATE 6:03PM: Article updated to include links to Wikipedia article and YouTube video, and embedded video changed to one that includes vocals. Thanks, Simone!

UPDATE 6:05PM: They won the game by the way

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