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Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Water

I've been getting copies of this presentation on the global water crisis for a while now.  It seems so much more pertinent now that we here in Trinidad and Tobago have been affected in the way that we have.  Note that I've neither been able to find the source nor verify the statistics presented in the presentation, but it makes for interesting and eye-opening viewing.

The friend who distributed the presentation to a few of us again tonight also shared a link to National Geographic's dedicated "Clean Water News" page.  For more information, and verifiable information, on the global water crisis and water matters in general, it's a good place to start and an easy read.

Some interesting tidbits from the National Geographic page include:

Closer to home, Trinidad and Tobago's Water and Sewerage Authority has a page loaded with water conservation tips at http://www.wasa.gov.tt/WASA_ConservationTips_general.html and I suggest a read.  It's in bullets, broken up into general, indoor and outdoor water conservation tips, but it is very comprehensive.

There's no sense complaining about WASA or the Government or the fact that we're in this situation.  The fact is that we are all in this situation together, so let's make the best of it.  Together.

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