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Thursday, August 27, 2009

How ATM card skimming and PIN capturing scams work

The following is a presentation prepared by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia on types of bank card fraud perpetrated at the ATM. It includes some good information on what kinds of things to look for as well as how to protect yourself. Even though to date we've seen some less sophisticated methods used in Trinidad and Tobago like the Lebanese Loop, that doesn't mean that some of these can't find themselves in use by determined fraudsters.

The slideshow advises that you contact your bank if you discover any of the skimming devices attached to their machines. Just about all of the major financial institutions in Trinidad and Tobago now offer ATM services, either at their own machines or via sharing arrangements, e.g. LINX and LinCU. For ease of reference, contact information for the country's major institutions has been culled from their websites:
RBTT BankTel: 625-RBTT (7288)
Fax: 625-3764
Online Inquiry Form: [Link]
Other Contact Information: [Link]
Republic BankTelephone: 625-3617 ext. 3071, 3072
Fax: 625-3617 ext. 3070
E-mail: customercare@republictt.com
First CitizensTel: 62-FIRST (623-4778)
Online Feedback Form: [Link]
ScotiabankCredit Card and Contact Centre
Serving you from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.
Corporate Area: (868) 627-2684
Toll free from the UK: (905) 587-2010
Visa International Service Centre: (800) 847-2911
Collect from anywhere in the World: (410) 581-9994
Other Contact Information: [Link]
Eastern Credit UnionCall Centre: 800-CALL(4328) or 800-LOAN(5626)
Email: ecu@easterncutt.com
Other Contact Information: [Link]
Unit Trust CorporationTel: 625-UNIT (8648)
Other Contact Information: [Link]
Intercommercial BankTBA

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