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Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Keith in Trinidad..." is now KeithFrancis.net

Persons visiting the site may have noted the change in the graphic banner a few weeks ago, some time before the final design was uploaded night before. Today, all of the background changes required to make KeithFrancis.net the address of the site were effected.

And now if you type "http://keithintrinidad.blogspot.com" into your browser's address bar, you're going to land on "http://www.keithfrancis.net", the new address for this site. Google's Blogger service indicates though that the original address will still direct persons to the blog, so no one will be left behind. All links and shortcuts remain valid. But the new address is what will be displayed.

Apart from the address change - my removing the veil as it were and taking declarative ownership of my opinions and editorials - there have been several other adjustments and additions over time.

Subscription Services via FeedBurner
FeedBurner provides the primary mechanism through which Keith in Trinidad... and now KeithFrancis.net delivers web feeds and email notifications of new posts to subscribed users. And while I do still send notifications to my email list - something that I may discontinue in future - FeedBurner allows new readers to make that connection to the site easily using a one of the web's most powerful feed management tools.

Just click on one of the two links in the subscription box on the top right of the sidebar to get yourself enrolled.

Comment System by IntenseDebate
Aptly named given a conversation which took place in response to an April 2009 post, the IntenseDebate system was added to provide enhancements over Blogger's default comment management function. With IntenseDebate, static comments on the site become conversations.

With features like comment threading which permits a reader to respond to a particular comment directly, response notification, and reply by email, the service enhances the ability of my readers to discuss posts in a more effective and manageable way.

And while persons can post comments anonymously, the system also allows users to comment using an IntenseDebate ID or their existing Facebook, Twitter and OpenID profiles. A reader can thus build a reputation around a consistent identity, further enhancing the conversation.

So if you have an opinion on a post, don't be shy and keep it to yourself.

Micro-blogging on Twitter
I took the plunge and got into the micro-blogging service as keith_in_tnt in December 2008. I'd experimented with it while doing live coverage of football matches at my alma mater with less than desired impact and reach.

It was the first of a series of tweets where I reported on the CL Financial bailout press briefing that confirmed its usefulness as a communication platform for me, and made the decision to formally attach it to the blog an easy one.

Since then, my Twitter ID keith_in_tnt has been feeding the blog, the last few tweets below the banner. It's used to share news that I think worth following and interesting links, and fills the gap between my more extensive blog posts.

Readers can follow me on Twitter itself at http://www.twitter.com/keith_in_tnt, or they can follow the filtered feed displayed on the blog and Facebook via web feed at [Link].

Cosmetic Changes
Minor changes include some formatting tweaks were designed to make the blog easier on the eye. It should also load a little more quickly, fewer historical posts now being displayed on the home page. And of course, the site name is now more consistent with it's address.

Welcome all to the new KeithFrancis.net

Friday, July 10, 2009

Peter Minshall: Mas Man

Mas is a powerful, communicative expression of the spiritual and physical energy of human beings. And that is as good a definition of art as you will get anywhere. - Peter Minshall, the greatest band leader in modern Carnival.  Ever.

 MasMan.  A Dalton Narine Film.  Visit http://www.masmanthemovie.com/
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