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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A little mirth: Russell Peters on Trinis and Soca Music...

We're in the Christmas break between Band Launching Season and full Soca Switch.  Oil and gas prices are down, interest rates are going up, retail food prices aren't falling even though global food prices are, the Government has just announced cuts in expenditure, including the re-scheduling of needed hospitals... Crime is on the rise, with fears that things will worsen during one of the year's annual Silly Seasons... But, one thing that Trinbagonians know how to do is roll on through adversity, laughing and feting all the way.  Who else could come up with the idea of a Coup Party, or could find themselves liming in front of a bar in St. James with storm warnings in effect?

Comedian Russell Peters grew up among West Indians in Canada, and clearly has our number.  In slightly rough times, enjoy a little laugh at our expense.  The Trini ole talk begins at about the one minute mark, but you can enjoy the lil' jab at Jamaicans too.  The video is uncensored though so turn the volume down and send little children out of the room.

"In de crease... In de crease...!" (You've got to watch the video to understand... and if anybody does release that tune this season, make sure and pay the man his royalty fee please... He has copyright...)

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