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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rafique Shah: Vision and visionaries to steer us through crisis

At some point, I feel I may just put an active running list of Raffique Shah's latest articles in the sidebar of the blog.  Today, on the impact of looming economic collapse in the developed world, he writes:
Here in the Caribbean we have much to worry about: our biggest worry must be the Government and many financial wizards telling us we have nothing to worry about! All around companies and countries are falling into financial pits-but we must rest easy.

Put our faith in [Prime Minister] Patrick Manning and [Central Bank Governor] Ewart Williams and [Finance Minister] Karen Nunez-Tesheria. They will see us through this global crisis, manage our funds wisely, keep us insulated from a world ravaged by rising poverty even in developed countries (don't even bother to add poorer states). Well, I have news for the Prime Minister and the genial Central Bank Governor, who, to be fair to him, has sounded some alarm bells within recent times...
Shah's article in today's Sunday Express can be found at http://www.trinidadexpress.com/index.pl/article_opinion?id=161383638

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