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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The man who should have been President endorses the man who would be...

The man who was widely tipped to be the first African-American presidential candidate, former Republican Secretary of State General Colin Powell (Ret.) makes a clear and resounding endorsement for Senator Barack Obama on NBC programme "Meet the Press".  In wrapping up a beautiful assessment of both candidates and the state of the campaign, Ret. Gen. Powell says:
"I've come to the conclusion that because of his ability to inspire, the inclusive nature of his campaign, because he is reaching out all across America, because of who he is and his rheotorical abilities... we have to take that into account... as well as his substance... he has both style and substance... he has met the standard of being a successful President, being an exceptional President.  I think he is a transformational figure, he is a new generation coming onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason, I'll be voting for Senator Barack Obama."
In near immediate response, in an interview on FOX, John McCain said that Powell's endorsement of Obama wasn't surprising.
"Well, I've always admired and respected Gen. Powell. We're longtime friends," McCain stated. "This doesn't come as a surprise. But I'm also very pleased to have the endorsement of four former secretaries of state, Secretaries Kissinger, Baker, Eagleburger and Haig. And I'm proud to have the endorsement of well over 200 retired Army generals and admirals. But I respect and continue to respect and admire Secretary Powell."
Reacting to McCain's statement, one commentator soon posted:
Let's take inventory. Powell is an elder statesman. Kissinger is a modern day Machiavelli who helped Nixon, Baker helped steal the 2000 election & diminish the democracy. Eagleburger is a marginal partisan player & Haig is the nut who tried to take over when Reagan got shot.

Look forward to another tough week for McCain.
After you look at the clip from "Meet the Press", I'm sure you'll agree that Obama should really have been the second African-American United States President.

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