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Monday, March 03, 2008

Shivonne Du Barrry's Ramblings and Reason: Portrait of a Criminal

On Monday, in her blog Ramblings and Reason, Shivonne Du Barry wrote:
If we were to take stock, I am certain we would realise that our elite criminals swindle more money and cause more death and harm each year than all of the gun toting youths who are the objects of our collective ire combined....

Some people are too scared to walk the streets in broad daylight these days. They are afraid of the criminals in their midst and understandably so I suppose. But they smile and shake hands and look admiringly at some of the worst criminals and don’t even recognise them. It’s about time, I think, that we start seeing some new faces splattered across the front pages of newspapers or being hidden in shame while their owners are led to court. And it’s about time, I think, that we revise our idea of a criminal to include not only the baggy jeans wearing but the suit-clad as well.
Well said. Very well said.

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