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Friday, February 29, 2008

ttgapers.com: Hypa Hoppa calls for curb on violent music

A long time ago, he was a neat li'l fella coming to Sunday School in Diamond Vale with his sister. By all reports, he was even then a serious-minded and determined young man.

He entered the media space young, paid his dues, and broke from the establishment to forge his own path. Even so, he continues ever to show respect for those who went before him, both the deejays and the performers who gave him his love for the music and his industry.

He possesses an incredible humility for someone who has done as much as he has while still so young, knowing that even though he is one of the biggest names in the game, he's still "one ah we".

His social conscience and conscientiousness shine now as he takes a stand to do something I've advocated that our society's role models do for some time. And it might not seem like much now, but it's the trickle that could start a wave.

It's a move far more impacting than wearing black or driving with your headlights on all day. He makes a change in his own space, within his own sphere of control that he knows and we all know will likely make a big difference.
After the recent stabbing murder of 16 year old Shaquille Roberts, local DJ Kwesi "Hypa Hoppa" Hopkinson has called on his peers in the entertainment industry to take a stand against violent music. Artists mentioned in his call include popular dancehall artists Movado and Busy Signal as well as hip hop mogul 50 Cent.

Hopkinson, of Radioactive and RED 96.7 fame, in an interview with the Trinidad Express stated, "There is no doubt that the music is influencing the youths towards violence. Particularly an artiste like Movado who says he's a gangsta for life and has the youths emulating that lifestyle." Other individuals do not necessarily hold Hypa Hoppa's views on the matter while some are in total agreement"...

He continued to say that in his Afternoon Drive programme that no violent music will be played and is also urging other radio personalities to follow suit and set an example. Hopkinson is not calling for a ban against the music, but an exercise of caution when playing music on the national airwaves.
At a time where no-one seems willing to accept responsibility for anything anymore, it's refreshing and heartening to see this call.

The full text of the article on Hopkinson's appeal to his peers is available at http://www.ttgapers.com/Article1889.html.

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