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Monday, February 25, 2008

Crisis of Leadeship: I want to feel Obama-mania

I want to be able to hear one of the immigrants flocking to Trinidad and Tobago's shores say something, anything like the video below about a leader here. Trinidadians and Tobagonians are so starved for real leadership that we've been willing to settle in various pockets for:
  • an arrogant,
  • a has-been playing at dictator,
  • an alleged criminal charged at various times with both white-collar and sexual offences,
  • a trouble maker who would sooner undo the country if he can't have his way with it,
  • a scamp likely looking for 1,000 times return on his electoral investment,
  • a battered woman who keeps coming back home for more licks...
Where is our great hope? Where is the one who will inspire the entire national (regional?) community under one purpose, once cause? Perhaps Barack is a model for one of our young politicos to follow... Rowley, Browne, Hypolite, Annisette-George, Lucky, M. Panday, Griffith, Dyer, Seetahal... will you shrug off the narrow expectations of your principals and be more than they imagined you would be, more than they want you to be? Will you burst the shackles of partisan politics and engender the universality that is enshrined in our anthem and pledge?

Will you be for us what Barack Obama means to them? Can I hope to sound like this guy anytime soon?

The video above was linked from the blog, Think On These Things - Research, Commentary, and News on the 2008 Presidential Election with a Pro-Obama Slant.

PS: Did you know that "Forged from the Love of Liberty" was intended
originally to be the anthem of the West Indies Federation?

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