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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can't corporate Trinidad and Tobago save Boissiere House?

While the public clamours for the historic Boissiere House to be saved, can't corporate Trinidad and Tobago step up to the plate?

Can't the directors of our indigenous companies and conglomerates give up the vehicle upgrade this year and throw in to purchase the property at least? Neal and Massy? Ansa McAl? One Caribbean Media? Certainly you can slum in mid-range luxury for a year or two instead of going for the Porsche SUV with all the options this time around.

Can the financial sector decide to grant the loan to purchase the spot at their minimum rate and call it part of their contribution to the community? RBTT? Republic? First Citizens?

Would it be possible that some wealthy benefactor could step up and save this treasure? Mr. Duprey? Mr. Warner? It would certainly make for good publicity if you wanted it to be able to say that you personally saved a national treasure.

Do we have to wait until this building falls into the kind of disrepair that QRC's Main Block did and Mille Fleurs has before somebody steps up?

101 Tragarete Road was restored privately. Do we really have to wait on the Government to save what is a piece of private property now offered for sale?

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