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Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Wish List for 2008 and Beyond...

It could be construed as pie in the sky but all I want in the new year, other than my individual requirements of course, is a greater sense of social conscience and civic responsibility in my people.

I want the defence attorneys that seek actively to frustrate the legal system to quit their shenanigans and allow justice to run its course. I want them to remember that the defendant whose case they get thrown out could be the one who interferes with their family or friends at a later time.

I want the entrepreneur to realise that he can maintain and possibly increase profit margins by improving internal efficiencies rather than increasing the cost to the consumer. I want them to remember that the sense of entitlement they feel in digging out people's eyes is the same sense of entitlement that the bandit feels when he's sticking people up.

I want that driver (that damned driver!) to realise that when he rolls into the intersection and cuts off traffic going the other way, the two feet he's gained by pushing forward is not doing him or anybody any good. I want him to remember that if the traffic has stopped flowing right around the block, he could be his own reason for not being able to move forward.

I want the administrators and politicians to stop playing games with the public good, and start working to properly and responsibly represent their constituents. I want them to remember that "minister" is not a synonym for "Lord" but for "servant", and "representative" means that you're not sitting in the House looking into your own interests.

I want the mass media to start looking for good news for a change, recognising that they are partly responsible for the nation's morale. I want them to see that if they continue to paint a negative picture of the nation that their image imposes itself forcefully on our reality. And when I say good news, I don't mean pictures of the "pretty people" partying in their designer clothes and drinking champagne.

I want financial sector employees to start telling people that really they can't afford that high interest, no collateral loan. Besides, the statistics for number of loans closed looks fantastic, but that counts for squat if the financial institution can only get back 60-70% of the principal value from the borrower.

I want my Trini people to stop being so affluent. You didn't need to buy 25 pounds (yes, I said "pounds") of new curtain and change all your furniture just because it's Christmas. And you don't need to go to all of the all-inclusives, especially if you're not sure how you're going to make it through February and March. Fasting for Lent doesn't really count if it's not a choice but an imposition because yuh buss yuh pocket. In fact, everybody go read Anthony Wilson's article in the Business Guardian of January 3rd.

I want my people to stop taking basket from other people and THINK before they parrot what they hear, especially when what is being spouted is based on an obvious logical stretch. We did Comprehension in primary school for a reason. Reasoning is a critical life skill. My people need to stop swallowing everything that people hand them without questioning, no matter how bright they feel the speakers are. Nobody has a monopoly on thought. Not even me.

Happy new year, everyone. May the good Lord provide for your needs and bless you with your desires in the days ahead.

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