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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Move de mas?!

Ah siddong quiet-quiet dis mornin' to take in a lil' papers before ah make some breakfas', only to see a piece o' patent foolishness in print about movin' we Carnival to de firs' week o' April... De eye-digger-outers at it again! And dey so fullashit (my new word) dis time dat dey cork threatenin' to pop!

Now if dey did come right out an' say how dey find de season too short and dey ent have enough time dis year to mash up we pocket fine like chillibibi as always, den dat is one t'ing. But to come an' talk all kinda dotishness about logistics... Steups! Doan try to mamaguay we nah man!

We might look chupid because we effectively payin' a hundred dollars for a doubles in ah all-inclusive and de rise o' de costume price inversely proportional to de size and quality o' de costume... But have a conscience nuh! Yuh want three whole months to mash we up?!

Fellow Trini blogger Georgia Popplewell has already thought the whole thing through and presents "Five reasons the idea of moving the date of Carnival is patently dotish*", including a link to the Trini Dictionary for those who aren't sure what "dotish" means.

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