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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The BBC cited me!

The local papers fill out their international pages with stories from international press agencies like Reuters, the Associated Press and the BBC. I was thumbing through the Guardian today and ran across an article on one of my pet topics: local music.

Under the title, "Trinidad's music pirates of the Caribbean", BBC business reporter Robert Plummer writes some about the state of the local music industry, COTT and prevalence of piracy. Imagine my surprise when I see that Plummer ends the piece with:
As one Trini blogger puts it: "The cry when you hear a good song is no longer, 'flash up unno lighter!' It has become: 'Turn on yuh Bluetooth! Ah ha' to get dat tune!'"
Remember this post from last year around this time? A citation or a link back to the post would have been nice... but it feels good just to know that I've been read by the international press.

Same complaint though... Ah still cyah find dis year's music from any legitimate sources!

PS: Thanks Alicia!

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