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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another T&T is possible

I might not agree 100% with the Rights Action Group, a local organization that is behind Trinidad and Tobago's involvement in the World Social Forum's Global Day of Action 2008, but I stand with them on the key and critical point - that Another T&T is Possible!

It's possible for the people to decide to represent themselves rather than be used by those with their own agendas. [Link]

It's possible for the country to see sustainable development beyond oil and gas, but only if the people get up and become industrious so that the Government doesn't have to look to industrialize.

It's entirely possible that we can get the health sector to work for the people and not against them. [Link]

It's possible that crime can be brought into check if the people would work with the security forces rather than condemn them.

It's possible that the Judiciary can actually be fixed under an administrator who will has the time and relative youthful energy to deal with its issues. [Link]

It's possible, though sadly not probable, that the eye-dig-outers that want to move the Carnival could all be struck by lightning on Ash Wednesday morning. [Link]

It's possible that we could go back to the days when you can tell what the name of somebody's section is by looking at the costume. [Same link as the last]

It's possible that Brass Festival, a Tico Skinner-style free-co on the Barataria Savannah, and real calypso could all make a comeback some day.

It's possible that Trinidad and Tobago could be taken back for the people and wrested from the grip of the Global and Local Money Men.

Anything is possible... Are you willing to help to make it happen?

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