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Monday, November 12, 2007

Site Updates...

People reading the last post would have noted a few of the more obvious site updates made this weekend...

New Graphic Banner
The site now features a new graphic banner, replacing the text-based one. Personally, I think it's snazzy without being too fancy and adds a nice touch to the site.

Subscription Options
Readers have had the option to subscribe to the blog, and get notified via RSS or email when new posts are generated. The subscription box in the sidebar hasn't had any functionality changes, but it too has been cleaned up a bit. It also takes top position in the sidebar, replacing the "About Me" section.

Search Options
Google powers the search box at Keith in Trinidad. Previously, clicking the button searched all of Google by default, and you had to explicitly select "this site" to search for content here alone. The default has been switched to "this site" and that box too has been neatened a tad.

2008 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Calendar
Scroll down a bit and in the sidebar, by popular demand, you'll find my interactive Carnival Calendar (powered by Google). At present, it contains basic information on some of the major fetes for the season. However, as we wind down through Christmas and into Carnival, it will be updated with more events and more detailed information as comes to hand. Play with it and comment on it. Send me corrections if necessary and your event information for inclusion.

T&T Bloggers
If you're here, it's likely that you read more than most. There's a list of notable fellow bloggers of varying opinions and styles, but with one thing in common - all are Trinbagonian proud. Read me. Read them. And that list is still not all of us. There are quite a few more listed here, and I still don't think that's an exhaustive...

Feedback, as always, is welcome.

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