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Sunday, September 02, 2007

(Trinbagonian) people must get up and get...

One A. McLean had a letter to the editor published today. It echoes sentiments of several friends and acquaintances who have lived and grown up in the East Port of Spain, Beetham and Laventille areas.

Even as A. McLean, a young person at only 22, speaks directly to their neighbours, their message is for everyone who has ever said while throwing up their hands, "de govament ent doin' nuttin' fo' me!"

Personal responsibility is still and will always be key to the success and development of the individual and the nation.
After reading the Big Question in the Express of August 30 - "Do you think the People's National Movement has done anything for the people of Laventille since it has been in government?" - I felt hurt and that it was time to say something.

I am disgusted by those people who are always looking for a handout and everyone else who wouldn't get up and do something for themselves. I am 22 years of age and I have lived in Laventille my whole life and yes, the PNM has done a lot for us.

The Government has put a lot of things in place for us to get up and get. Education is free, not just for Laventille but for the whole country. Every area has bad roads, no water, crime, but that has nothing to do with what the Government has done for you. What Laventille people and the rest of the country need to do, is stop going on television and writing to the newspapers saying that you have 10 children to mind and "I'm unemployed". There is a saying, "God helps those who help themselves". Take that into consideration before you go saying the Government is not doing anything for you.

The Government does not make a community; we the people make the community. In terms of crime, parents blame yourselves for not taking the time to make sure your children don't turn out a menace to the society. When I was in secondary school, 7 o'clock could not meet me outside. In terms of education, there are parents out there who can't read or write and because of this they keep their children out of school. Many of these children are not immunised and then the parents want to blame the Government for that. PNM, UNC, COP or any other political party does not live in our houses. We live in them.

In terms of bad roads and no water, blame WASA, because they are digging up the roads and laying down their faulty pipes and not fixing them and then right after that the Ministry of Works paves the roads and WASA digs them up again. Communication is key. WASA, let the pavers know your schedule.

To all the people who are crying unemployment ask yourself this question: "Did I really try to get a job or am I looking for someone to hook me up?" Also, a job is not always shirt and tie in an office people. You have to work hard for what you want, because the people who reached there worked very hard.

To all proprietors and everyone else who thinks that nothing good comes out of Laventille, think again and to my fellow Laventillians, stop living in the stigma. Come out!

I am proud to be living in Laventille.

A McLean
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