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Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Independence...

One time, many years ago while I served in semi-public office at the University of the West Indies, we invited one of my favourite writers to speak at a Guild event. B.C. Pires began an insightful and at several moments amusing speech by saying, "It never ceases to amaze me that people think that because one writes that they can also speak," or something to that effect. Hard on himself, his sharing with us was not at all far removed from what I have grown accustomed to in his weekly columns.

B.C. has produced, in typical style, another classic worth clipping, titled "Middle Aged Adolescent," as Trinidad and Tobago celebrates 45 years of Independence.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Product Advisory: Nokia BL-5C battery


Nokia is replacing 43 million cell phone batteries suspected of being susceptible to overheating. Check your Nokia phone to see whether you have the BL-5C type battery and then follow the instructions at the link above to see whether yours needs to be replaced.

According to Nokia's product advisory, the affected batteries were "manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan between December 2005 and November 2006. This product advisory does not apply to any other Nokia battery."

Further,"Nokia has identified that in very rare cases the affected batteries could potentially experience overheating initiated by a short circuit while charging, causing the battery to dislodge..."

Your chances are really better that you'd win the local Lotto, but this advisory means that there is the very small risk that if you have an affected battery, your handset could potentially overheat, short circuit, catch fire, or in extreme cases, explode.

Nokia phones sold by local cellular provides and third-party vendors may or may not be affected, but it is better to check your Nokia battery and be safe rather than scorched. Many of the "Me-too" models sold and given away in launch and counter-launch promotions are on Nokia's list of phones that should be checked.

While Nokia has indicated that they will replace all affected batteries, whether they will do this through the local providers where necessary is to be seen. As at time of writing, neither major cellular provider had information on the recall prominently displayed on their web pages.

Visit Nokia's product advisory page at https://www.nokia.com/batteryreplacement/en/ for more information, and to follow their instructions for checking your cell phone's battery.

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