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Saturday, July 07, 2007

TTGapers.com: Man alleges attack by Machel and Slaughter

A few months more than a year ago, Caribbean news aggregator TTGapers.com re-broadcast on March 2nd, 2006 the following Trindad Express story written by Gyasi Gonzales.
Police are investigating a report from a San Fernando man that he was attacked and beaten by a group of men, but Dawg E Slaughter who said he was on the scene when the incident occured, yesterday described the allegation as one of "all kinda madness".

By Gyasi Gonzales

The alleged altercation supposedly occurred around 9 p.m. on Carnival Monday at Grey Street, St Clair.

Joel White, of Union Hall, said he had left some friends and relatives near the Canadian High Commission to retrieve his car parked at Grey Street.

He said before walking off to collect the vehicle he heard, "someone," shout out: "Machel, yuh mudder..."

"I didn't pay any attention," said White, "so I kept on going to the car."

He said that while heading to Grey Street, "a BMW pull alongside and cut in front of him with the left side of the car facing me to block me".

White claimed that Machel Montano came out of the vehicle and asked him what he had said about his mother and that Mr Slaughter (Derrick Parriera) who was also in the BMW came out as well.

White said that Machel repeated the question and some other men who were in his car surrounded him and jumped on him.

"I was more or less curled up trying to defend myself. The whole ordeal lasted about a minute and a half."

White said that that after being pummelled the group left but, getting up, he realised that there was a hole in his right hand and he was bleeding on his right arm between his elbow and shoulder.

He said that he did not know who may have stabbed him on his hand.

White said that after the men left a policeman on patrol took him to the St Clair Police Station.

There he made a brief report following which he was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

The Express contacted Montano via cell phone yesterday afternoon.

He received the call following which the signal began breaking up.

The Express also contacted Parriera about the incident.

He said that, "whole day we hearing all kinda madness about that. It is not true. It was just wrong what really took place. Someone was telling us that the fella wanted money (from Xtatik). This individual was across the street. Things were verbal and tempers start to flare. With reference to man getting stab that is a lie. That never happen."
The original story could not be retrieved from the Online Express archives.

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