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Thursday, July 12, 2007

T'ings dat make yuh go... wha' de... Part 2

Well, de foolishness like it cyah done...

Danah to accept Choc'late award
Danah Alleyne has accepted the award and $1,000 prize offered by Choc'late Allen's "100% Crime Free" Committee. In Kim Castillo's follow-up to yesterday's all too funny (and not "Ha Ha!") story, Choc'late advised that Danah's father's Flaming Word Ministry send word that Danah will accept the award.

So let's see... That's $900 after tithes, which will give Danah a new kerchief top, a pair of shoes, and have money left over to get into Zen and pay for a round of drinks...

Allen continues to insist that Danah is an exemplar to the nation.

Political Highs
In the political space, I was headed to work in a taxi the other morning and catching intense kicks - me, the driver, everybody else in the car, and the deejays on the radio.

In what I swore was one of the best morning talk radio jokes in a long time, the deejays were interviewing two gentlemen who indicated interest in running for political office and bringing politics back to the people. It wasn't their interest in running for office that was hilarious, but the central pillar of their politics. Weed.

From smoking herb to burning the chalice, the deejays used every common slang term in the book to make sure that they were getting these fellows' story straight. They even got them to admit on live radio that they are weed-smokers and would continue to smoke if elected.

Well I nearly fell off my chair when I clicked to a story with no byline (de writer was probably too shame...) covering the launch of what I'm sure is the party of which the fellows spoke - the Liberation Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago, LOTT. Under the possibly tongue-in-cheek caption "'Grassroots' political party launched at City Hall", despite being able to count the number of people attending the launch on two hands, the undeterred leader announced that LOTT will contest all 41 seats in the General Election.

Deja Vu
From a Juhel Browne story titled "Who is your leader?":
United National Congress (UNC) Political Leader Basdeo Panday is not interested in being the leader of the new UNC/Alliance coalition.
Now where have we heard that before...? Despite that, with YesTT's Stephen Cadiz and NAR leader Carson Charles both signalling their availability to lead the new organisation and Kamla coming out of the recent war over the Opposition Leader's chair, like I said yesterday, the battle for the UNC/Alliance throne will be interesting...

"You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig..." - Unknown
No matter how you wash it, primp it, preen it, powder it, dress it up and call it a duck, a pig is a pig. And so it's ludicrous to go around claiming that you bring something new to the table when your group is composed of the dross of the political landscape, with a sprinkling of anyone else with an axe to grind.

It remains saddening that the only reason that the COP exists is that Winston Dookeran willingly joined and then was thrown out of the same UNC that is now the target of his quiet contempt. He had been setting to lead a group that has faced more credible allegations of corruption than any other administration before them. (John O'Halloran is surely glad for the company...) Indeed, what would have been the position if that group had accepted his ascent to political leader?

Fortune favours the COP leader in that he is in Trinidad and Tobago, where the average citizen cannot remember what happened nine days ago, far less the failings of 17 years past, when fortitude and good judgement were required and none could be found then either.

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