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Friday, May 18, 2007

BC Pires: Dry Firetrucking So

There will never be anything for me like BC's acerbic and irreverent wit, and I will near always appreciate his eyes and observations of life here in good old T&T...

Eight o'clock, Monday morning, and Y'Boy jamming Stevie Ray as he roundsing the corner approaching Ellerslie Park, opposite them expensive new Government townhouse Patos & them building, either to buy vote or to sell cheap to one another. Out of the corner of he eye, there on the ground, hobbling-hobbling on all-fours, what it is Y'Boy see on the pavement? A vagrant, in a pants like what Bruce Banner does have on when he turn back from Hulk, a pants rip-up like a Lotto ticket that loss by one number. The fella bareback, so all on Sunday could see he back burn black-black-black by the sun, and he there hobbling-hobbling on the ground right in front the biggest, most air-condition-est house in Federation Park.

And then Y'Boy watch the (mad?)man on he hands and knees and, for the first time since Sean Luke, and even though anyone living in the Caribbean always have to have they own astonishment-meter set somewhere between, "Mild" and "Red Line", Trinidad rock him: is not he hands and knees the vagrant fella on, but he hands and KNEE; the fella' right leg amputate at the knee-joint. He not on all-fours, he on all-threes. That is why he there on the ground: is either crawl or hop, becaw it never had no banister on Fed Park pavement and it ent have no compassion again in Trini.

A classic piece of righteous indignation, the rest of BC's Friday Express piece can be accessed at http://www.trinidadexpress.com/index.pl/article_opinion?id=161148572.

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