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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My personal thanks to the Police...

I had just closed and locked my door behind me yesterday afternoon after dallying in the driveway to play with the cat. As I made my way up the stairs, through my back windows I saw a man running out of the bushes and fleeing my backyard. Though I could not see his full passage, he would have been headed down the side of the house not traversed by us, probably to jump the wall at the front. We keep both sets of gates locked at all times. He would have heard me coming through and locking the gate, and would have heard too when I entered the house.

The Police were here less than 10 minutes after I called 999 to tell them that I had seen a prowler in my yard and that I suspected that he had already left. When they arrived, the officer who alighted the vehicle came into the yard and looked around. He took note of my story and the guy's description as best as I could give, and then left, telling the driver as he got back into the vehicle, "we lookin' for a dark fella of African descent, about medium height, in a red cap and a white jersey."

I don't know whether or not they will catch the guy that I saw in my yard nor what they could possibly charge him with. I pray though that the speed with which the Police arrived will serve as a deterrent and a foil against any intentions that he may have had.

I never got the officers' regimental numbers, nor did I take note of the name of the person who answered 999. But I want to thank them here and publicly for being available to so quickly answer a citizen's call.

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