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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year... New Things...

A toast to the new year and all of the good things that it brings...

In 2007, I've resolved to take my writing to a new level. Stepping up will require therefore my pushing Keith-In-Trinidad to new heights, and this even as other projects are advanced.

One major effort has been the establishment of a central on-line presence for my Alma Mater Queen's Royal College and its alumni. This has taken the form of QRC Link at http://QRCLink.blogspot.com/, a site for news and updates on all matters concerning the College. Work is in train though to reacquire the QRC.edu or the QRC.edu.tt domains to re-establish the official Queen's Royal College presence in Cyberspace.

A greater level of activity promised, the new year begins with a site upgrade which is reflected more in content than cosmetics.

The sidebar on the right of the front page has been reorganised. The most important change is the addition of the Items of Interest section. This, I hope, helps to fulfil the promise of a providing a little something regularly to trigger reflection, either when I'm not able to write, or when someone else has already said what I want to myself. The dynamic listing will change on a daily basis and provide links to articles on-line in the local and international space, nonetheless affecting us all as Trinbagonians.

Despite ongoing concern about the state of the press, the major networks remain the official source of news and view locally. Thus, links to all of the major media houses and any Caribbean news aggregators that I come across will be found in the sidebar still.

Persistent links to a handful of other sites and on-line presences will continue to be maintained under "Site Links". These include Georgia Popplewell's Caribbean Free Radio, the English-speaking Caribbean's first and I believe still only podcast. Photography links may be broken out at a later stage, but for now, readers will continue to find links to Carnival and other pictures here.

The listing of past articles has taken on a new form. The collapsible tree interface will allow readers to locate anything that they might have missed or would want to rehash, and this in a manner that is a lot easier than in the past. With more content coming in the new year, this is one of the more important changes.

Of course, no respectable site will be without some level of advertising, but attempts will be made to keep this as unobtrusive as possible.

At the bottom of each article are links that will permit readers to either make their own comments, and to email articles to others. Clicking on the article's post time or on the article's title will take readers to that posting's permanent page and its full text. These are features that pre-dated the site update, but required mention all the same.

Feedback on the site's changes and improvements will be appreciated, and can be posted as comments on this article.

Welcome to 2007. It's going to be a great year.

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