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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Good day fellow citizens..."

I received a document in email today from a colleague, with caption, "Good day fellow citizens..." Written by a gentleman by the name of Waheed Ali, it is one of the most reasoned and reasonable citizen's cries I have heard in quite some time.

In the midst of all the day's politicizing and proselytizing, Waheed calls for a return to core values, for a denial of self for the sake of the society, and for us to turn again to the Supreme Being who nurtures and sustains us.

Now, some may take issue with his appeal for us to forego the escapism of Carnival, but I am myself in support of the spirit of his full appeal. Whether one believes in the Ten Commandments, Dharma, the Beatitudes, the Golden Rule, or simple moral values, there's something in Waheed's call to prayer and supplication for all of us.

His unedited text follows.

Good day fellow citizens, we are living in dark times, we are being kidnapped, raped and murdered and our leaders are in denial of the facts. Worse however is that we ourselves are living in denial everyday, while our brothers and sisters are being assaulted (physically and mentally) we sit and wait, doing nothing as our beloved country goes deeper into the mire of self destruction.

Our leaders have shown us time and again that they have neither the wisdom nor the courage to solve our problems. It is time to turn to God; we need to pray now more than ever for some divine intervention into the state of affairs of our beloved country. We clearly do not have the answers; this will only come from God.

Imagine a law abiding citizen held for distributing pamphlets. Think back to that ill-fated night at the residence of the Chief Justice, when the honorable Stanley John made telephone calls. We were led to believe that every call he made was traced. Yet there has been no mention of a semblance of any trace of any phone calls from any kidnappers.

One Word – MYSTIFYING ………….. or can it be perceived as INCOMPETENCE?

Then we are told time and time again by others that they are in this struggle with us to the very end. When a call is made to show that we are fed up with crime, they refuse to take part because they were not consulted. While members of society have not yet been returned to their families instead of having a one dollar Ramayan to pray for their safe return we hold a $1 Fete and wine and gyrate on the stage.

One Word – MYSTIFING …..or can it be perceived as WEDOHCAREBOUTALLYUH?

We as a nation are about to depart on a journey that will show the world the greatest acts of living in denial that they have ever seen. In the next few days we are going to go to all these all-inclusive parties, we are going to get intoxicated, we are going to eat like gluttons and we are going to dance and party as only Trinidadians can. Then we are going to culminate into our biggest acts of denial when we take to the streets on Carnival Monday & Carnival Tuesday.

I am hereby asking all citizens of Trinidad & Tobago who care about our beloved twin islands to make these two days, two days of prayer and solitude. Let us stay in our homes or gather together and pray for our nation to be healed. Instead of two days of revelry and total abandonment let us seek God for help.

Let us pray for our leaders that they may get the wisdom to solve our problems and the courage to implement them

Let us pray for the birth of new leaders to lead us in the future.

Let us pray for all those who have been kidnapped, raped & murdered, may time allow them to forget the ordeal and heal the wounds, both physical & mental.

Let us pray for the families of the victims that they may get courage to carry on.

Let us pray for the criminals that they may change their ways.

Let us pray for the people earmarked for kidnapping rape and murder that it never occurs.

Let us prayer for ourselves that we have the strength in the face of adversity & peer pressure to do what we believe is right

Let us pray for all those people who will ignore the call to prayer and go about their lives in continued denial. May the Lord open their eyes to reality.

I am not religious but I believe that there is a God and I think that we must all turn to him now.

Evil reigns when good people sit and do nothing. The time is upon us to act.

Remember Vindra and pray Carnival Monday & Tuesday

Remember Sean Luke and pray Carnival Monday & Tuesday.

Remember all the victims and pray Carnival Monday & Tuesday.

Please forward this to people who care; and are not going to leave our beautiful island for foreign lands;

But are willing to persevere until this God fearing country is in safe hands.



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