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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Baby Network

I've been hearing for quite a while about Nadella's work with the Baby Network. This is a charitable organisation that has for quite some time done a lot for mothers and children in need in Trinidad & Tobago.

Having received the following message from a similarly socially-conscious friend in email today, I've taken a little editing liberty and posted it here. Nadella's been in the media - print and electronic - promoting this more than worthy effort, and I feel in no little way privileged to be able to help spread the word through this medium.

Details on what they do, who they are, and how to contact them are available in the full post.

The Baby Network

OKAY FOLKS, we need to go into Baby Network OVERDRIVE!

There are a number of mothers (and babies!!!!) in need.

Firstly, a lovely young girl in her early 20's is in need of just about everything for her newborn twin – they are less than a week old. She needs clothes, blankets, hats, bibs, wash cloths, disposable diapers, baby bottles, bathing tubs, carriers, a crib - the whole kit and caboodle.

As you all know – the Baby Network family are strong supporters of breast feeding, but this new mother should not breast feed her babies, hence the reason we are asking for bottles and sterilizers etc. Let us give her and her babies the support she needs at this challenging time.

If you can donate new packs of disposable diapers or baby formula that would be a big help.

We have a few other mums who are due and also in need of a variety of items donated.

And we also have four HIV positive mums who are in dire need of support - not only for their babies but for their older children as well - books, clothes, shoes for school and of course food.

Also we have some other families who would like to purchase second hand car seats and strollers. So if anyone out there who has items to sell – please call us.

Our Baby Book and Toy Drive is also coming up - so please put all your books, toys, games and gadgets in a box and bring for us. There

Drop Off Point:
Belmont Studios – 27 Jerningham Avenue, Belmont.
If you are unable to make it to Belmont we will collect!

Thanks again for all your support and your efforts.
Let's keep the network going!!!!!

Blessings and Guidance,
Baby Network Family

The Baby Network
27 Jerningham Avenue , Belmont.
868 624 5562
868 625 7752
868 684 6480

The Baby Network
Better Babies ~ Better Families ~ Better World

Are you buried beneath piles of unused/ barely used/ almost new baby stuff?

Do you still have bags and bags of baby items still in "storage" ages after the last child started school?

Nadella, Suzanne, Kim and Nicole (the baby network team) are inviting you to join us in a "Baby Xchange". Sorry, we're not taking your kids L, just some of the stuff you may be ready to give away or sell at reduced prices to other parents who are less fortunate.

Baby Step 1:
If you are interested in participating you can send an email to babynetwork@gmail.com – we will add you to our mailing list and provide updates. Indicate what items you can DONATE to the Network OR what items you NEED.

Baby Step 2:
Start going through your stuff! Whether it's small items like toys, books, clothes, bath, sleep or feeding accessories, unused breast pumps and bags, or even larger items like cots, playpens, strollers and car seats

Baby Step 3:
Forward this email to other moms and dads and encourage them to participate!

Baby Step 4:
Everyone can be a part – Organize the other mums and dads in your office or workplace to get items together and you all can do one big drop off…or several small ones!

Thanks for reading this message.
We hope you'll be part of "The Baby Network"!

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