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Friday, July 21, 2006

An Interesting Read on the CJ and the UNC...

I've always enjoyed reading BC Pires. His regular column, "Thank God It's Friday", was something that I'd looked forward to every week growing up, entertained and informed by his jocular and poignant take on the nation's and extra-national affairs. It was peculiar vision that drew us one year to invite him to speak at a UWI Guild function. And there, in what would seem to be typical fashion, he began his address drawing a chuckle from the gathered crowd, indicating at the outset that he didn't know why people felt that he could speak just because he writes. His address though was, as his column is, very insightful and on that night, inspiring.

Today's issue of the Trinidad Express features BC's regular "Thank God It's Friday" column, under the caption, "UNC or CJ?"

I highly recommend a read of this Friday's piece which begins:
It's becoming kind of interesting to see which will fall apart first, the UNC or the CJ. You kind of want to bet on the UNC, still the putative Opposition party (at least up to press time last night) because there are so many people tugging at the little that remains of it, it really ought to have been torn apart long ago.
Having drawn your chuckle, or at least raised your eyebrow, the rest of what he has to say is quite discerning.

[BC's column for Friday 21st June is at http://www.trinidadexpress.com/index.pl/article_opinion?id=160985808]

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