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Monday, June 19, 2006

QUICKIE: The "Hand of Crouch" and the Warriors' Anthem

Having now gathered myself, here's one of the clips from German television of England's Peter Crouch using our Brent Sancho's hair for leverage, now available forever for viewing at your leisure thanks to the wonder that is the Internet.

Posted to the streaming video site YouTube.com, the contributor OrangeGuru states,
"When Crouch scored the decisive goal against Trinidad and Tobago he was pulling the defence players hair very rudely. Nobody saw it..."

Now for Trinidad & Tobago to make it to the next round, we must beat Paraguay on June 20th at 3:00PM TT-time, a team we've played and drawn against twice in 1989. Hapless England is also required to beat Sweden for only the first time in the nations' footballing history. England needs help desperately from Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen to score some real goals against a Swedish defence anchored by captain Olof Mellberg. Perhaps we will see something in Sven Goran Eriksson's bag of tricks other than an own-goal, a foul on a defender, and assistance from the stadium announcer (...sorry, I can't find the reference again...) to tide Beckham's boys over.

And so, quite grudgingly, Go England!!! Beat Sweden!!!

Frankly, I'm not worried for Coach Beenhakker and our Warriors. The unofficial-official anthem "Fighter" by Maximus Dan is available for download as an MP3 file at ttgapers.com.

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