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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

UPDATE: We wore black... Now help Childline...

Making Financial Contributions

For those that wish to contribute to Childline financially, deposits can be made to Republic Bank account number 610-433-199-201; the account is held in the name of the organisation, Childline.

Volunteer Listener Training

Volunteer Listener training is scheduled for June and September 2006. Training normally runs over the course of eight Saturdays, and is conducted by the Line Supervisor, Ayanna Gellineau. Contact Ayanna at agellineau@childlinett.com or call Childline's offices at (868) 624-0402 for further information.

Consequently, each course requires two reams of photocopy paper for manuals and course materials, and maybe some writing paper as well. I'm sure that Ayanna won't refuse paper or photocopy services or both.

Childline Web Site

The organisation has a domain name and web space that needs to be developed. A volunteer web designer/consultant would be more than helpful here. Again, contact Ayanna at agellineau@childlinett.com or call at (868) 624-0402 to discuss the Line's specific requirements. I would develop the site myself, but for me, it would be a very ambitious project. I honestly believe better justice would be done if someone with more practical experience in site and web presence development worked with Childline on this. UPDATE 12/05/2006: Many thanks to Sherine W. and her team for taking up the website challenge.

It's time to do more than talk about what the Government and the private sector aren't doing, and start doing something constructive ourselves. It's time to stop following the path of least resistance and complaining about what's not happening, instead of actively seeking avenues to help the situation. It's time too to stop talking foolishness about removing things with which we see problems without proposing credible solutions.

Come on people. Time to act, and act constructively.

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