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Thursday, April 06, 2006

We wore black... What next...? (Part 2)

I've gotten a lot of feedback on the email message that became my previous post. There were people that I had not sent it to myself that wrote me back directly when they realised that they knew the author. Others to whom I'd forwarded it sent me back the comments of their friends to whom they forwarded it themselves. Sadly, none of the daily newspapers have seen it fit to publish the piece to date. It's no big thing really though because I'm not looking for mileage, just quiet social consciousness. And I think that the latter can be achieved.

A seed having been planted, it's only responsible for me to continue with some nurturing. I'm certain that there are persons who really do want to do more than keep their sweetie paper until they get home and stop to let little old ladies cross the road. However, information on how to get involved in existing social support activities may not be readily at hand. In that light, I'm going to embark on a series that will seek to provide comprehensive information on the volunteer organisations currently operating here at home.

There's a list of these at the NALIS website (link here), though it appears to be quite old, dated 2003. What I'll want to do is run through these and any others that I find, contact the organisations and present in precis enough information for persons to understand what these groups are about and who you would need to contact to get involved, actively or in a background role.

The first that I'm going to look at in detail though is Childline, an organisation that I was made to understand this week is supervised by a friend of a friend.

Keep reading and encouraging... I'll keep writing...

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