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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Photographing Trinidad Carnival 2006

Once again, I've spent two fantastic days on the road photographing, arguably the Greatest Show on Earth, Trinidad Carnival.

I almost had kittens though waiting for my new camera, a Canon Powershot A610 (link here) , to arrive, the old one having conked out on me some time before. I'd actually wanted and ordered a Konica Minolta Dimage Z5, a recently discontinued but excellent model by all reviews. However, the only web store in the States that carried it at a decent price refused to accept my Trinidad-issued credit card. With the countdown to the big show on, not only did I have to choose a new make and model, but it had to be ordered from an electronics store that I knew would take the card. I paid about US$5 extra for two-day shipping to my box in Miami and crossed my fingers.

The camera eventually got into my hands on the Thursday before Carnival, just in time for the road workout. Based on the results and viewer reviews, it proved to be a great buy.

Impressions are everything, and I think the camera's size and general appearance gave me a more professional aspect as a photographer. At least two people stopped me to ask what magazine I was working for, and another gave me their contact information so that they could later get copies of their photos.

It took almost three weeks, because of work and school, for me to get around to culling the near 800 shots taken over the two days. Approximately 600 were distributed to my usual suspects on CD, and a little over 400 made it to a Kodak EasyShare Gallery (link here) for general display.

My readers here are all invited to view and enjoy Carnival 2K6 through my eyes. Whether you were here for it or you were abroad and missed it, I've done my best to capture the sights and sensations in still and silent glory.

My Carnival 2006 Photos hosted at Koday EasyShare (http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=18w19uav.brgzkb6b&x=1&y=ol4v1i)

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