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Thursday, April 20, 2006

A brief hiatus...

While the drama train certainly does not stop in fair Trinidad and Tobago, I've needed to step off for a short time for exams and to make a quick trip out of the country. In the mean time though, I've done a phone interview with Ayanna Gellineau, the Line Supervisor for Childline, and have received an excellent piece from a really old friend of mine now resident in Canada. He's graciously given permission to allow me to publish his missive here. For those of my friends reading who know Colin, you can look forward to a very insightful bit of commentary.

At some point too, as the smoke begins to clear, I'm also going to chime in on something else that's been ticking me off here at home. It's the new and ongoing marketing onslaught that TSTT/Bmobile has been waging against the new kid on the block, Digicel.

People had grumbled and outright complained in the recent past about Digicel's marketing efforts. But I've not heard the same venom spewed about the incumbent's misinformation, their twisting of the truth, their hiding behind value-added tax, and the fine print that they don't print.

At the end of the day, with competition, the winner is ultimately us, the consumer, but I can't say that I'm pleased with the way that I've seen things progressing. But, more on that matter on another day.

But just to seed the scandal, can someone tell me how I'm supposed to get tickets for the Trinidad & Tobago vs. Peru warm-up match if I don't have a TSTT cell phone?

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